Bridal Rings in the Los Angeles Jewelry District

For nearly twenty-five years, Bridal Rings:

  • Has been a leading direct diamond importer and manufacturer of fine jewelry.
  • Eliminates the middle man and offers prices 30% to 70% below retail.
  • Stocks a superb collection of the latest in wedding jewelry including designer pieces from A. Jaffe, Diana, Wright & Lato, Nelson, Calla and more. In fact, we're the only authorized dealer of these name brands in all of downtown LA.
  • Has an extensive inventory of engagement rings, wedding rings and men's wedding bands.

Diamonds in Los Angeles - Los Angeles Diamond District - Los Angeles Jewelry Mart
Los Angeles Jewelry District - LA Diamond District - LA Jewelry Mart - LA Jewelry District

The Los Angeles Jewelry District is widely known for offering wholesale prices on precious gems, watches and all types of fine jewelry. The ability to bypass the use of middlemen and buy directly from the source allows jewelers to pass on substantial savings (from 30% to 70% off) to customers. Many of the largest engagement ring manufacturers have established businesses and connections in the Los Angeles Diamond District.

The world recognizes the LA Jewelry District as being among the largest available sources of high-quality jewelry, gems and watches. The local jewelry industry, as well as jewelry dealers worldwide, benefit from this exciting hub of information and merchandise. The ability to purchase jewelry direct from the wholesaler creates an unparalleled experience for the shopper. Within the second largest jewelry district in the world, and largest in the U.S., the hottest trends in jewelry design begin.

With vendors on Hill Street, Olive Street, and Broadway between 5th and 8th Streets, the Jewelry District is comprised of close to 5,000 businesses. Designer jewelry, including precious stones and gold and silver pieces, is available at street level and at other jewelers in the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart, Pacific Center, the California Jewelry Mart, and the International Jewelry Center.

If you've always dreamed of having a special piece of custom jewelry, jewelers like the Bridal Rings Company can provide you with the high-quality piece you want. One of L.A.'s leading diamond importers and jewelry makers is The Bridal Rings Company, which began in 1983. We offer a wholesale showroom that is open to the public. Look for us on the sixth floor of the International Jewelry Center, right in the heart of the Los Angeles Jewelry wholesale district. The easiest parking is right under the building, just take the elevator to the ground floor then from the main elevators go to the 6th floor where Bridal Rings in on the East side and visible from the elevator doors.

Many of the world's top jewelry wholesalers, manufacturers, and gemological labs are located in the International Jewelry Center building. This is a single venue of the seemingly countless venues present in the Jewelry District, and it's truly nirvana for jewelry aficionados and amateur admirers alike. The general public can shop on nine floors. Whether you're in the market for an exquisite diamond, an appraisal or merely repairs, this is a one-stop marketplace that offers fine quality at wholesale prices.

The Bridal Rings Company is known both for its wide selection of bridal rings and accessories and for its 30% to 70% reduction off retail prices. Of course, the quality and craftsmanship of each piece of jewelry we offer is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We encourage you to shop around, as we are confident that our prices and service simply cannot be beat. For details and restrictions, please call our toll free number.