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6 Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings You’ll Fall In Love With

Vintage-inspired engagement rings have a timeless beauty that can make an engagement ring feel all the more romantic. By incorporating design elements from past eras, like delicate milgrain or uniquely shaped halo settings, vintage-inspired engagement rings gain a charm and elegance that makes them truly mesmerizing. Since vintage-inspired engagement rings are a rare choice, they also have an attractive uniqueness that allows them to feel particularly special and personal.

Are you considering choosing a charming, vintage-style design for your engagement ring? Read on to get some engagement ring inspiration as we take a closer look at six of our favorite vintage-style engagement rings.

Vintage Rose Gold Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage 18k Rose Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This vintage-inspired engagement ring is romantic, glamorous, and beautifully detailed. A round cut diamond provides stunning brilliance at the center of this design, as it shimmers within an equally dazzling cushion-shaped halo. This captivating centerpiece rests atop a 14k rose gold band, which is adorned with pave-set diamonds and an array of vintage-inspired accents. This ring’s band features a lovely, vintage-style sculpted design that swirls upward to support the piece’s diamond halo. Arched engravings along the side of the ring’s band and delicate touches of milgrain throughout the design further enhance this gorgeous ring’s vintage charm.

Vintage Halo Diamond Engagement Ring With Engraved Band

Vintage 18k White Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring With Engraved Band

Artful engravings and an array of dazzling white diamonds create a boldly beautiful effect in this halo design. This vintage style diamond halo engagement ring from designer Amavada features an intricate 18k white gold white band, which is accented with beaded engravings along the sides of its upper shank and chevron engravings along the upper band’s twisted edges. This striking band tapers slightly to support a stunning, sizable round halo setting paved with an endless ring of petite accent diamonds. The unique raised prongs within this halo setting allow the ring’s center diamond to float above the halo, adding an icy element to this ring’s eye-catching design.

Vintage Petal Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Bridal Rings Company Round Vintage Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

A uniquely detailed halo setting provides this vintage-inspired ring with an ethereal romance. Here, a round cut center diamond rests within a halo setting made up of 14k white gold petal motifs, which meet in pairs to create a four-point effect. Pave diamonds add shimmer within the milgrain-accented borders of each white gold petal, while additional pave diamonds add brilliance within the slim milgrain borders of the ring’s band, creating a harmonious and chic look.

Vintage Three Stone Hand Engraved Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Three Stone Hand Engraved Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

With its icy emerald cut diamonds and curving nature-inspired accents, this three stone engagement ring captures the glamorous femininity of the Retro Era period. Here, a center emerald cut diamond rests in a pointed four prong setting, bordered by smaller emerald cut diamonds that rest in pronged settings of their own. From the side of this ring, you’ll notice that the prongs holding the ring’s diamonds in place follow the curling lines of white gold that adorn the ring’s upper shank, which creates a smooth, seamless effect. This ring’s band is covered in lovely, vine-like filigree that add to the design’s vintage appeal, such as the floating diamond-set adornments underneath the ring’s center stones, the curved engravings along the side of the band, and the leafy engravings that rest upon the ring’s upper band.

Vintage Round Diamond Engagement Ring With Twisted Band

Vintage 18k White Gold Round Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring

This vintage-inspired ring has an elegant, timeless allure that’s simply enchanting. This 18k white gold ring features an open, twisted band that’s accentuated by milgrain engraving and a breathtaking array of pave-set diamonds. A round cut center diamond is enclosed in a classic four prong setting atop this ring’s striking band, creating a brilliant centerpiece. The width of this engagement ring’s twisted band perfectly balances the piece’s center diamond, creating harmony and balance within the design.

Vintage Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Platinum Three Stone Diamond and A Quality Sapphire Engagement Ring

Blue sapphire side stones add lush color to this gorgeous vintage-inspired engagement ring. This three stone design features a round brilliant cut diamond at its center. Two pear shaped blue sapphires accent the sides of the ring’s center diamond, providing eye-catching color. These three stunning gemstones rest in four prong basket settings atop an ornate band crafted from platinum, which is adorned with pave diamonds and an array of enchanting engravings.


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