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  • Choosing Your Wedding Ring

    If you’re reading this post, you’re probably either engaged or about to be engaged— congratulations! The time between your engagement and your wedding is a special period in your life. It’s a time to bask in the glow of your impending marriage and, of course, plan for your wedding. One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is choosing your wedding rings. But with so many wedding ring options, how do you know which to choose? Read on to learn everything you need to know about choosing your wedding ring!

    You Don’t Have To Match (But You Can)

    wedding ring
    A classic metal band is a common option for couples who decide to match their wedding bands.

    When you’re shopping for your wedding rings, you have two rings to find. While you can choose a matching set, you should know that it’s actually much more common today for the bride and groom to choose separate designs. There’s no right or wrong choice here, you can choose a set or go with different styles— choose what’s right for you. But you should decide this early so you know whether you’re searching for one or two designs.

    Pick Your Style

    wedding ring
    This classic, yet glamorous, wedding ring style features a row of stunning princess cut diamonds.

    Once you know whether you’re looking for one or two wedding band styles, it’s time to move on to picking your style(s). If you’re going to match, you will likely want to pic a more simple style. But if you’re going to choose separate styles, you can choose whatever each of you likes the most.

    wedding ring
    This brick patterned men’s wedding band is a unique and modern option.

    There are many different styles of wedding rings. There are simple classic rings, sleek modern options, ornate vintage designs, and glamorous diamond studded rings.

    wedding ring
    This vintage-style wedding band is elegant and romantic.

    Do a little browsing and see what you’re drawn to the most. Do you want something simple? Something eye-catching? Something that will complement your engagement ring? Once you know what you’re most interested, you can start narrowing in on the exact ring that’s right for you.


    wedding ring
    A wedding ring without diamonds, like this swirling rose gold design, is an affordable, yet still beautiful option.

    Just like when shopping for an engagement ring, it’s a good idea to have a budget in mind before you shop. Wedding rings have a wide price range, with simple metal bands at the lower end and diamond or gemstone bands on the upper end (more, larger, or higher quality gemstones will increase your price). Also, different precious metals can affect a ring’s price, as platinum and 18k karat gold are more expensive materials than 14k gold.

    wedding ring
    14k white gold, used here in this intricate diamond set wedding ring, gives a similar look to platinum, but at a more budget-friendly price.

    There’s no rule on how much you need to spend on your wedding bands. Just consider what the style you’re interested in usually costs and how much you want to spend, then decide on a budget that’s right for you as a couple.

    Find the Right Precious Metal For You

    wedding ring
    A yellow gold wedding band is a traditional precious metal option.

    Wedding bands come in many different precious metals, like platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. When choosing your precious metal, you’ll want to consider two things: style and your lifestyle. Different precious metals can drastically change up the style of a ring. For example, yellow gold is has a classic look and platinum is quite modern. So, know that your choice of precious metal will have an effect on the style of your ring.

    wedding ring
    This tungsten carbide wedding band is durable and sleek.

    However, for many people, considering lifestyle is also important. Why does this matter when choosing a precious metal? Certain metals are more durable than others. If you’re a highly active person, you might want to consider choosing a ring made of stronger materials, like platinum or tungsten carbide. Or, if you have your heart set on a gold ring, go with 14k gold instead of 18k gold, as 14k gold is more durable. Of course, if you know you’ll be careful when wearing your ring, you can choose your precious metal solely based on style. All precious metals are durable (even 18k gold), some are just more so than others.

  • Ryan Lochte Proposes with Bridal Rings!

    On Sunday, October 9th, Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte proposed to his girlfriend of seven months, Kayla Rae Reid. The romantic moment was caught on Instagram, where Kayla captioned the photo, "Speechless. Absolutely beautiful. So in love with YOU."


    Prior to popping the big question, both Ryan and Kayla came into Bridal Rings Company in downtown Los Angeles, to browse through our collection of diamonds and engagement rings. Our very own, Jay Hariz sat down with Ryan to discuss the possible designs for the engagement ring, in which he told, that Ryan played a main role in deciding on which stone and setting to use.


    The stunning, 5 carat radiant-cut diamond engagement ring was carefully handcrafted with a white gold band, filled with stunning paved diamonds, to match the visions of Lochte's design. The breathtaking $100,000 engagement ring is the perfect portrayal of their love and while the couple has not announced a wedding date just yet, we here at Bridal Rings Company will still remain a partner for all their pre and post wedding journey.

  • How do I know that I am ready to say, "I Do?!"

    bridalrings10-6-2016Picture Source: Huffington Post

    Pre-wedding jitters are only natural to have with such a big day ahead. Let’s face it, planning a wedding is super stressful. However, getting cold feet and having second thoughts about marriage should definitely be addressed long before arriving at the altar. Here are some vital signs and quick tips to reassure that you’re prepared to exchange your vows and tie the knot with confidence.

    1. You can’t imagine your life without them. When asked where you see yourself years from now, your partner plays a key part of your vision. He or she is in it for the long-run and you can't imagine anything different.
    2. You’re thinking of starting your own family. The idea of having children all of a sudden is not as foreign, or gross as you once thought of it. You imagine yourself experiencing parenthood with your significant other and the thought of raising kids together seems right and worthwhile, rather than tough and problematic.
    3. You know you can get through anything together. Whether it’s the loss of a job or a loved one, you know your partner has your back. You address and solve problems together and choose to support & motivate each other in all decision making aspects.
    4. You don’t want to be with anyone else. The thought of sleeping, yet along laying down with anyone other than your partner is repulsive.  Realizing that cheating is not only disrespectful to your partner, but also to yourself. You have it good and you don’t want to cause any potential harm to your relationship.
    5. You appreciate the little things. There’s no need for a fancy dinner or romantic night out. Running errands and simply spending time together is enough to keep you satisfied. As long as they’re with you and making an effort to be in each other’s presence.
    6. You’ve established a strong sense of trust. There’s no need to question their integrity or whether they’re telling the truth about where they’re going and who they’re going to be with. You have full trust in their commitment to you and your relationship.
    7. You can communicate smoothly. You can talk about anything. An argument is easily debunked after a good talk, even if you agree to disagree, the issues are expressed rather than kept bottled up inside of you. You feel much better after bringing up anything you’re unhappy with to your partner.
    8. You know exactly who they are. You’ve come to figure out their ways and can predict their actions. You know what they want and need, what makes them happy and what doesn't.
    9. You’ve found yourself and know what you want. You’ve worked on yourself by spending time alone, focusing on your own personal well-being. Living on your own and dating around has helped you find what you can bring to a relationship and what you seek in a partner.
    10. Your friends and family approve. When asked what they think about your significant other, there's nothing but positive comments. Your friends and family knows you best, and if they think there's a problem, maybe they're right. None of the guests at your wedding will be opposing, or any objections to your marriage. People are happy for you and know that you two are right for each other.
  • Top Fall Bridal Gown Trends of 2016

    Courtesy of bridal fashion week, we got a sneak preview of what fall 2016 has in store for us in terms of rising trends in wedding gowns. The showcase had much variety and flare, as this may be one of the most important and memorable days in one’s life. Finding the perfect dress is a must. To help you get started, Bridal Rings has compiled some of the top gown styles of the season.

    Off the Shoulder

    bridalrings-9-16-2016-1Photo: Courtesy of Lela Rose

    Here, we thought this everlasting trend was embraced solely on tops, yet it has made its way onto bridal wear, as well. The skin baring is not something new for brides, however. The slid down sleeves is perfect to make for a sexy, romantic look. As for accessories, a minimal ring paired with a statement necklace would provide great contrast to the open neckline of the dress.

    3-D Florals

    bridalrings-9-16-2016-2Photo: Courtesy of Lela Rose

    This textured look adds a great embellished touch to a white gown. No matter the placement of these designs, they also provide a much needed amount of detail to any dress that would sit plain and simple without so. What better than a floral-inspired ring to go along with the theme? Pair it off with a more intricate,  yet elegant ring to blend it in effortlessly.

    Mesh Necklines

    bridalrings-9-16-2016-3Photo: Courtesy of Anna Miller

    This thin sheer fabric is making its way onto bridal gowns in a promising way. The see through design is far from conservative, but provides just the right amount of skin action, all the while creating a flirty illusion. A ring is the perfect accessory to pair with this look, as a necklace is likely to go unworn due to the high neck design. With that being said, a brilliantly designed ring such as this infinity spin-off is key to achieving that bridal glow.


    bridalrings-9-16-2016-4Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

    Definitely not the most traditional approach to a wedding dress, which can be a breath of fresh air. This modern dress design should come as no surprise, given the high popularity of crop tops and high-waist bottoms. It’s never wrong to big on your big day. A standout, flashy ring will go perfectly well with this style, as it will sit where the slit of the two pieces will be whilst grasping on to your bouquet. This dazzling cluster ring will go hand in hand with your arrangement of flowers in perfect harmony.

    Completing a bride’s look involves much more than just saying yes to the dress. Choosing the style of dress you’d like to garnish yourself in is a baby step toward achieving your ideal wedding getup. Therefore, considering other components that will accompany your dress is a savvy approach to creating your full look.

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