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  • Top Fall Bridal Gown Trends of 2016

    Courtesy of bridal fashion week, we got a sneak preview of what fall 2016 has in store for us in terms of rising trends in wedding gowns. The showcase had much variety and flare, as this may be one of the most important and memorable days in one’s life. Finding the perfect dress is a must. To help you get started, Bridal Rings has compiled some of the top gown styles of the season.

    Off the Shoulder

    bridalrings-9-16-2016-1Photo: Courtesy of Lela Rose

    Here, we thought this everlasting trend was embraced solely on tops, yet it has made its way onto bridal wear, as well. The skin baring is not something new for brides, however. The slid down sleeves is perfect to make for a sexy, romantic look. As for accessories, a minimal ring paired with a statement necklace would provide great contrast to the open neckline of the dress.

    3-D Florals

    bridalrings-9-16-2016-2Photo: Courtesy of Lela Rose

    This textured look adds a great embellished touch to a white gown. No matter the placement of these designs, they also provide a much needed amount of detail to any dress that would sit plain and simple without so. What better than a floral-inspired ring to go along with the theme? Pair it off with a more intricate,  yet elegant ring to blend it in effortlessly.

    Mesh Necklines

    bridalrings-9-16-2016-3Photo: Courtesy of Anna Miller

    This thin sheer fabric is making its way onto bridal gowns in a promising way. The see through design is far from conservative, but provides just the right amount of skin action, all the while creating a flirty illusion. A ring is the perfect accessory to pair with this look, as a necklace is likely to go unworn due to the high neck design. With that being said, a brilliantly designed ring such as this infinity spin-off is key to achieving that bridal glow.


    bridalrings-9-16-2016-4Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

    Definitely not the most traditional approach to a wedding dress, which can be a breath of fresh air. This modern dress design should come as no surprise, given the high popularity of crop tops and high-waist bottoms. It’s never wrong to big on your big day. A standout, flashy ring will go perfectly well with this style, as it will sit where the slit of the two pieces will be whilst grasping on to your bouquet. This dazzling cluster ring will go hand in hand with your arrangement of flowers in perfect harmony.

    Completing a bride’s look involves much more than just saying yes to the dress. Choosing the style of dress you’d like to garnish yourself in is a baby step toward achieving your ideal wedding getup. Therefore, considering other components that will accompany your dress is a savvy approach to creating your full look.

  • Proposal Do's and Don’ts


    Most people who are planning to propose to their partner get nervous about popping the question, and understandably so. Not only is it something that will change the course of your life, but there’s also immense pressure to make it a memorable and special moment. Never fear, we’ve got some tips to help alleviate proposal stress and ensure your proposal runs smoothly.

    First, let’s quickly run through some big mistakes you’ll want to avoid.


    Propose without a ring

    Don’t come empty handed to a proposal. If, at the time it feels right to propose, you are under budget constraints, don’t have no ring at all. This shows a lack of thought and care. If you can’t afford the ring you want to get for your partner right now, you can always get a less expensive ring for the proposal and upgrade it later.

    Forget to ask her father for his blessing if she’s from a more conservative or traditional family

    This step is not important to every bride in today’s modern world, but it’s very important to some. Hopefully, if you are at the point of proposing, you will know whether or not your partner would want this. Make sure to not skip this step if it’s something that would be important to your partner.

    Give a half-hearted proposal

    You should never half-way propose to someone. Don’t ask someone for their hand in marriage if you haven’t given it serious thought. Don’t propose by saying any variation of “we could get married if you want to…” or, “I guess we could get married.” If you are not ready for marriage, simply do not propose.

    Now, onto some tips to help your proposal go perfectly.


    Pick a place

    You’ll want to pick a location for your proposal carefully. You might want to do it in the great outdoors, in your home, at the restaurant where you had your first date with your partner, or so many other places- there are endless options. Wherever you decide upon, make sure it’s a place your partner would like. You’ll also want to scope out the location in advance and take care of any preparations that might be necessary. For example, if you’re proposing at a restaurant, you might want to tell the restaurant that this is a proposal dinner when you make your reservation. Or, if you’re planning on proposing somewhere outside, scope the spot out on a similar day and time to your planned proposal date so you’ll know what to expect.

    Make your speech personal

    Make sure that, during your proposal speech, you emphasize what you love about your partner and why you want to spend your life with them. You should keep it simple, to the point, and all about the two of you.

    Keep it private, at least at first

    A proposal is a special moment between two people. It should be about you and your partner. Most women will want privacy for the actual proposal. If you are dating a social butterfly who would want to celebrate with friends and family, consider planning to have her friends and family meet you after the proposal. But don’t dampen the romance of the actual proposal by having a crowd there when you propose.

    Consider asking her friends or family for advice

    If you want proposal ideas or want to ask for opinions on what you’re already planning, it’s a great idea to ask those closest to your loved one what they think. They’ll know her well and will be able to help you make your proposal special for your partner.

    Plan ahead

    The number one thing that will calm your nerves about a proposal is planning it well in advance. Keep the tips listed above in mind and get your plan in place. When you’ve worked out all the details in advance, you’ll be able to spend your proposal day focused on the most important thing of all: your partner.

  • Lots of loose diamonds in the LA Diamond District - how to determine value?

    Loose-diamondsThe LA Diamond District is just the right place for you if you’re looking for loose diamonds, whether it’s for investment purposes, a wedding or an engagement.   There are a lot of possible reasons why you might go on a hunt for diamonds, but here’s the point: with more than 5000 jewelry dealers in the LA Diamond District, it can get puzzling and confusing to know the value of a diamond you’re interested in. Imagine the empty sensation in your stomach you’ll feel when you learn that the opulent diamond you thought was worth several grand actually wasn’t.

    What you need is a systematic way of determining the value of any loose diamond you encounter in the LA Diamond District.

    Meet the 4 C’s. We’ll keep this brief for the purpose of this article, but here’s the lowdown on the 4 C’s:

    • The 4 C’S stand for the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.
    • The 4 C’s are a universal standard for describing the value of a diamond.
    • Who determines the 4 C’s for any given diamond? It’s the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), so the vendor has no say in the diamond’s quality report (which means you won’t be ripped off by some unscrupulous charlatan).

    The 4 C’s are going to offer you the best way of determining the value of a loose diamond. Thus, when you’ve come across a diamond you’d love to have, make sure it’s been certified by the GIA. Always ask to see the diamond’s certificate so you can see exactly how it measures up in all of the 4 C’s.

    There are other steps you can take to ensure that the diamond you are about to buy is actually worth its selling value. Try to shop from trustworthy, reputable vendors in the LA Diamond District. Again, since there are thousands of sellers out there, you’ll want to narrow your focus to only those retailers who have a solid track-record of producing satisfied customers.

    As a final step in determining the value of a diamond, consider having it checked out by a licensed independent appraiser. A qualified gemologist will – with relative ease – be able to determine the actual worth of a diamond you have purchased (needless to say, it’s best if you have a thorough understanding of the return policy on any diamond you buy).

    So yes – you’ll have to take just a bit of time to get a certifiably valuable diamond, but it’s well worth the hassle (that goes without saying). Questions? Just get in touch with us

  • So you want a unique diamond engagement ring in Los Angeles?

    “Honey, maybe an engagement ring that’s different would be nice. I am sure they have a unique diamond engagement ring down at the Los Angeles Jewelry District” Fortunately, you picked up on that subtle hint your fiancé was throwing out there.

    Everyone reading this is probably familiar with the “traditional” engagement ring look: the sparkling diamond set on an equally-attractive, shimmering mounting. This ring style has adorned lovely ladies like Audrey Hepburn and – in more recent times – Zooey Deschanel.

    But sometimes it’s good to flip the script and go for something more uncommon – an engagement ring that has the stamp of your lover’s personality on it. So what options are out there for the two of you?

    As odd as this might sound, a good place to start looking is a Pinterest board that showcases the dazzling variety of unique engagement rings out there. At this stage, you just need to focus on seeing what’s available. You can’t buy anything on Pinterest, but you can harvest ideas for a unique engagement ring.

    It would also be a good idea to look through the engagement rings available at different retailers – online or off. For instance, consider Bridal Rings Company inventory of more than 1700 engagement rings available. With that kind of selection, it’s hard not to find something that will mesmerize both of you.

    Moving on. Although there are hundreds of different unique engagement rings at the Los Angeles Jewelry District, most of them can be categorized in some way. Solitaire rings, for instance, have a single diamond, so the so-called traditional engagement ring style would fall into this category. Three stone rings feature 3 distinct diamonds, though often the center diamond is the most prominent. This design, while surely unique, is still a timeless and classless style that many will find becoming.

    Then there are the halo designs. Instead of one central diamond, these rings are bedecked with a circle of small diamonds, lending a halo effect when light glances off the precious stones. Unique? Absolutely, and it’s quite possible you’ll spend some time scrutinizing the lovely effect these rings produce.

    What else is there? Well, split shanks have proven quite popular among several celebrities (think Beyoncé or Gwyneth Paltrow). The individual strips can be thin – providing a delicate appearance – or a little thicker. Obviously, it’s up to you to decide which look is the best fit.

    Here’s the neat part: each of these distinct styles and designs can be combined with each other. For example, a split shank could come along with a halo design encircling a central diamond. There’s no shortage of styles when it comes to engagement rings in Los Angeles, so picking a unique engagement ring that truly resonates with you (and your fiancé!) is more than possible.

  • Welcome to the Bridal Rings Blog

    We are excited to announce that Bridal Rings Company will be publishing a blog every month for the benefit of our customers and website visitors.  Over the last 25 years the customers visiting our Los Angeles shop have asked a lot of questions about diamonds, wedding rings, engagement rings and more.  Now we are ready to share some of those same questions and answers with our website visitors.

    Why are we doing a blog?

    First of all we believe our customers and visitors deserve to be educated and to get their questions answered regarding  their plan to buy a diamond, wedding ring or engagement ring .  We have been working in the jewelry business for a long time and have experience in all facets of manufacturing, buying and selling.  In addition, we have specialized experience in the very competitive Los Angeles Jewelry District, so we are extremely knowledgeable about product pricing.

    What will we talk about?

    We want to address typical issues that come up when anyone wishes to purchase a ring for that special person in their life.  We have lots of stories, facts, tips, warnings, recommendations and we are up to date on the latest designs.  Our articles will help you learn about jewelry which in turn should help you make a better informed decision.  In the end if you are happy about the quality of your new engagement ring or happy about saving money on that wedding band we will have accomplished our mission.

    What about feedback?

    Comments will be welcome here.  Ask questions.  Offer your own answers and recommendations.  We would especially welcome your suggestions for other topics to write about in the future.  Our blog has a place where you can offer your comments.  Just fill in the comment section and we will publish it as long as it does not violate our usage policy. We will try to answer most questions by topic, but if we have several similar questions we will do it with one post.

    And....Thank you for visiting our blog!

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