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Engagement Ring Trends 2019

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If we could use just one word to describe 2019’s engagement ring trends, it would be “unique.” With exciting design details like vibrant colors and unexpected shapes, there’s a lot to love about the coming year’s trends. Wondering which unique designs will be the most popular in 2019? Let’s take a look at 2019’s top four engagement ring trends.

Colored Gemstones

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This diamond and pink sapphire engagement ring offers a romantic take on the gemstone trend.

One of the hottest engagement ring trends for 2019 is colored gemstones. There’s been a big increase in rings featuring gemstones, whether they’re center stage or adding a pop of color as accents to a center diamond.


An elegant blue sapphire and white diamond engagement ring.

Among the most popular gemstones for engagement rings are blue and pink sapphires, though gemstones in every color of the rainbow have been rising in popularity. Whichever hue you choose, incorporating gemstones is a great way to add personality and vibrance to your engagement ring.

Pear Cut Diamonds

download-4A chic and unique pear shaped diamond in a halo setting.

Pear cut diamonds, also known as teardrop diamonds, are the latest unique diamond shape to get their time in the spotlight. This sophisticated cut looks utterly elegant on the hand, as its elongated shape has a slimming effect on the fingers. The pear shaped diamond has been particularly popular when paired with a halo setting, which adds a vintage drama to its distinctive shape.

Unique Bands


This engagement ring features a unique twisting diamond and 18k white gold band.

Another 2019 engagement ring trend is unique bands. More and more brides-to-be are shying away from traditional bands and are choosing to express themselves with something more unexpected.


A bold and contemporary princess cut engagement ring with an eye-catching band.

There are many kinds of unique bands trending for 2019, though engagement rings with twisting bands have been among the most popular.

Halo Settings

A diamond and white gold engagement ring with a unique halo setting.

While the halo style engagement ring is certainly not a new trend, it’s still going strong. However, while in years past there was one kind of halo setting that dominated the scene (the perfectly round circle of pave diamonds), in 2019 there will be more variety. We’re seeing halos on unique diamond shapes, like oval or emerald diamonds, as well as halos that have unique shapes of their own. Particularly popular are vintage-style halo settings that often give their engagement rings a floral effect.