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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings in Los Angeles

With roots dating from the earliest jewelry artisans, rose gold has become the quintessential engagement or wedding ring for the most fashion-forward brides. For a truly feminine engagement ring, look no further than a luxurious Rose Gold diamond engagement or wedding ring from Bridal Rings Company. Let a rose gold en

gagement ring add that extra sparkle you've been looking for, and express your individuality at the same time.

A distinctly beautiful choice, rose gold engagement rings offer a modern style with generations of jewelcraft behind its unique look. With a tinge of other precious metals added to its formulation for pigment, rose gold adds a subtle touch of color to your heirloom. Warm 14-karat rose gold owes its lovely color to additional copper mixed in with 58.5% pure gold. A exclusive glowing pink color flatters skin tones, and our unrivaled selection of designer engagement rings means that you can find a ring that perfectly symbolizes your loving relationship. Known for years as the premiere luxury diamond dealer in California, Bridal Rings Company prides itself on being able to offer the finest rose gold diamond engagement and wedding rings for its clients. If your choice is from our famous collection of rings, or you’d prefer to create a custom heirloom of your own, simply stop by our offices and our experts will guide you on your journey to find the perfect ring.

Designed here in our Los Angeles showroom, rose gold is one of many variations of gold engagement and wedding rings available. Because pure gold (24 karat gold) is too soft for jewelry, we mix metal alloys in with pure gold to create different colored golds. The three most popular ones include yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Rose gold is an increasingly popular choice in specialized jewelry, especially for younger brides. There are a few varieties of colors that fall under the ‘rose gold’ umbrella, including red and pink gold. In general, the more copper in the mix, the redder the ring will be. The Benefits of Rose Gold Engagement Rings include their natural durability. Rose gold rings are very durable, more so than yellow or white gold. They’re also surprisingly affordable. Their vintage and antique appeal, often with a romantic connotation due to the rose color, can complement all skin tones.

Tips, Tricks, and Things To Know About Rose Gold

As we mentioned before, the more copper included in the mix, the redder the ring will be. On the same note, a higher karat ring has more pure gold in it, so an 18k rose gold ring will be a lighter shade, more towards the pink side of the spectrum. A 14k rose gold ring will be a bit redder because of the increased amount of copper in the alloy. The result is a more subdued tone, beautiful in its own right though. It all comes down to your taste and preference here. Sometimes 18k rose gold rings will contain silver or palladium in addition to gold and copper. 14k rose gold rings might have silver or zinc, as well. Keep this in mind if you have allergies to any of these metals, and always ask your jeweler if you’re curious.

To make your rose gold diamond engagement and wedding ring shine like new, clean it with mild dish soap: use a soft brush where dust collects. When taking off your engagement ring, don't pull on the gemstone: this won't damage the gem but it can, over time, stretch the metal that holds it in place, making the setting less secure.

If you are interested in a rose gold diamond engagement or wedding ring, please contact the experts at Bridal Rings Company and let us make your dream come true!