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Festive Engagement Ring Trends You Can’t Miss 

With twinkling lights and cozy nights huddled up by the fire, the holiday season is the most romantic time of the year. The holidays create the perfect atmosphere for a proposal, so it should come as no surprise that around 20% of soon-to-be-wed couples get engaged in December

If you’re among the many who are dreaming of getting engaged this season, we’re here to help you find the perfect ring for the occasion. We’ve rounded up the top 10 trending engagement ring styles for the 2023 holiday season. 

Ovals and Movals 

While round is typically the most popular shape for center diamonds, fancy shaped diamonds (a category that includes all shapes other than round) are rising in popularity. Oval shaped diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, and marquise cut diamonds are currently the most popular fancy shapes. 

Another trending fancy shape is the moval, a newer diamond shape that’s a cross between oval and marquise. Moval cuts have pointed tips and a football-esque shape like marquise diamonds, but they’re wider than standard marquise cuts, giving them similar proportions to oval diamonds. 

Wedding Bands as Engagement Rings 

Many modern brides are choosing to wear a wedding-band-style engagement band, rather than a traditional engagement ring. Most modern engagement ring designs have a primary focal point: a larger center stone. Engagement bands, on the other hand, have a more balanced size and an overall lower profile. 

Colorful Gems 

Colorful gemstone rings have been trending since Kate Middleton started wearing Princess Diana’s iconic blue sapphire ring in 2010. In more recent years, a wider range of colored stones has become popular. Top colored gemstone options for 2023 include sapphires, blue topaz, amethyst, emeralds, rubies, tourmalines, and colored diamonds. Whichever gem you select, a gemstone engagement ring is an ideal choice for someone who loves a splash of color. 

Unique Bridal Ring Sets 

Unexpected bridal ring sets are one of the newest trends in bridal jewelry. This trend includes any engagement ring and wedding band duo that shies away from a traditional look. Some of the more popular options include sets with unique band shapes and sets that include additional stackable rings. 

Wide Bands 

Ultra thin bands have been in for years, but the fashion pendulum is finally swinging in the opposite direction. Wide, chunky bands are rising in popularity for both fashion rings and bridal designs. 

Art Deco Designs 

Informed by the bold geometry of the Art Deco period, Art Deco-inspired rings have an eye-catching, stand-out look. Yet, because they harken back to a vintage era, Art Deco rings also have an evergreen beauty. At once distinctive and timeless, it’s easy to see why they’re a top choice this holiday season.

Yellow Gold 

White metals like white gold are generally the more popular choice for bridal jewelry, but yellow gold is experiencing a revival. Likely due to its continued dominance as a fashion jewelry trend (yellow gold is by far the most popular precious metal outside of bridal jewelry), yellow gold jewelry is back in a big way for engagement rings and wedding bands.  

Statement and Non-Traditional 

The biggest overall trend in bridal jewelry is a shift toward non-traditional designs. Rather than choosing timeless designs like round cut diamond solitaires, brides are opting for unexpected–and often very bold–designs. Think ultra oversized rings, vintage engagement ring styles with highly intricate designs, custom designs with unusual proportions, and fashion rings worn as engagement rings. 

Marquise-Cut Accents 

Marquise cut diamonds are trending for both center and accent diamonds. This elegant, unique diamond cut has an elongated shape, rounded sides, and pointed ends. It makes for a striking center stone and a lovely accent stone that can create intricate design elements. Marquise cut diamonds are particularl popular for floral-inspired pieces of jewelry, as they beautifully represent the shape of sparkling leaves or petals. 

Bold Three Stone Rings 

Also known as trinity or trilogy engagement rings, three stone engagement rings feature three center stones. The stones represent three moments in time: your past, present, and future as a couple. 

Traditionally, three stone rings have a larger center stone and two smaller side stones. This year, however, the top three stone styles have large side stones. Some designs have large side stones that are still a bit smaller than the center stone, while others have three stones of equal size. 

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