Grad Gift Guide for Her - Bridal Rings

Grad Gift Guide for Her

Fine jewelry a lovely gift choice for graduates. When a person graduates, whether its from high school or college, they’re setting out on a new chapter of life. But when a person is a new graduate, they often don’t have much of a budget for the finer things, which is why gifting fine jewelry is particularly thoughtful. Fine jewelry is a luxurious gift that many new graduates want but may not have the budget for. It’s also something that lasts for a lifetime— much longer than flowers or a gift card. To help you pick the perfect fine jewelry piece this graduation season, here’s our grad gift guide for her.

Athena Necklace


There’s no more classic piece of jewelry than a diamond solitaire necklace. This stunning pendant puts a modern twist on the classic solitaire. Here, seven high quality conflict-free diamonds are set together in a 14k white gold setting. The seven diamonds have the same look as a single solitaire would but offer seven times the facets and seven times the sparkle. This necklace is the ideal classic choice for a new graduate. It’s elegant, versatile, and will never go out of style.

Michael M Ring


This fashion ring is a modern beauty. Here, two diamond encrusted bands cross over one another to create a “x” pattern when viewed from above. This modern design of this piece makes it a stand out but the delicate silhouette of the bands keeps the overall design incredibly elegant. This ring is a beautiful choice for everyday wear or to accessorize an evening look.

Abzu Earrings


These dazzling studs combine the practicality of a stud with the glamour of a drop. Each of these radiant earrings features ten white diamonds. The larger set of seven diamonds at the bottom dangles from the ear while the upper two sit delicately above. These earrings are a unique, elegant take on diamond studs that any graduate would be thrilled to receive.

Michael M Bracelet


This beautiful bangle is modern and chic. Here, a simple 18k yellow gold bangle is elevated with a unique design feature, its triangular diamond encrusted accent. This bracelet would be beautiful worn on its own or as a part of a stack. This piece is the perfect choice for a graduate with a contemporary sense of style.

Heru Bracelet


A diamond tennis bracelet is something every woman should have in her collection. This elegant version of the classic tennis bracelet features Coronet’s patented solitaire setting. Each of the circular settings features seven radiant white diamonds, for a total of 3.4 carats, that give incredible sparkle. This beautiful bracelet is something any graduate would treasure.