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Guide to Minimalist Engagement Rings

An engagement ring doesn’t have to be ornately detailed to be beautiful. Many of the most breathtaking engagement rings are incredibly simple in design. To showcase just how stunning minimalist engagement rings can be, we’re going over the two main minimalist engagement ring styles and breaking down the lovely variety within each design category.

Minimalist Solitaires

The solitaire design is considered the most timeless engagement ring style. It’s also the most minimalist. Solitaire engagement rings feature only one center stone and no accent gemstones, making the style inherently simple. 

Because solitaire engagement rings feature so few elements, changing the finer details on a solitaire can dramatically change its style. Here are the details that can have the biggest impact. 

Prongs and Bezels

A solitaire ring’s center stone can be held in place by either a prong setting or a bezel setting.

Round Halo Bezel Center Set Engagement Ring – Gabriel & Co Collection

Prong settings feature tiny claw-like prongs that hold a ring’s center stone in place. They’re loved for their classic look and for the fact that they allow for excellent light entry. A prong setting can help a high-quality center diamond sparkle to maximum effect. 

Bezel settings hold your center stone in place with a solid ring of metal. This gives bezel settings excellent security, making them a practical and protective choice. Bezel settings also have a sleek look, which can enhance the minimalist quality of a simple solitaire. 

Band Width

The width of a solitaire ring’s shank, or band, can have a substantial effect on its style.

14k White Gold Contemporary Channel Set Engagement Ring – Amavida by Gabriel & Co Collection

Thin bands lend an elegant, delicate look to a solitaire ring. 

Wider bands provide a more bold and contemporary look. 

Metal Band Detailing 

The metalwork can add a beautiful touch to a solitaire engagement ring. In some cases, like in the case of highly detailed engraving, band detailing can be too intricate for a minimalist style. However, streamlined band detailing works wonderfully for minimalistic designs. 

A polished, twisted band adds a romantic touch to this minimalist solitaire ring. 

This ring’s split shank double band is simple yet striking. 

Diamond Shape

The diamond shape can completely change the style of a solitaire diamond ring. A round diamond will give a solitaire classic look, while fancy-shaped diamonds can create a more distinctive effect. 

A fancy-shaped diamond can transform a simple engagement ring into an eye-catching modern style, an Art Deco design, or a highly unique piece. Princess cut and radiant cut diamonds are great choices for modern styles, while cushion cut, Asscher cut, and emerald-cut diamonds are perfect for more vintage-style designs. Pear-shaped, heart-shaped, and marquise cut diamonds are all excellent options for those who want a unique engagement ring.  

Precious Metal

Your choice of precious metal can have a transformative effect on a minimalist solitaire ring. The exact same design will look more contemporary and chic in white gold, more romantic and vintage in rose gold, and more classic and traditional in yellow gold. 

Modern Shapes 

A boldly shaped band can add a refreshing modern element to a minimalist solitaire. 

Modern Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring – Gabriel & Co Collection

Refined modern details, like this ring’s knife-edge band, will give a ring a subtle modern style. 

14k White Gold Contemporary Engagement Ring – Gabriel & Co Collection

More daring shapes, as seen on this bypass-inspired modern solitaire, offer a decidedly contemporary look. 

Minimalist Accent Stones 

Solitaires aren’t the only minimalist styles. There is also a wide range of minimalist rings with accent diamonds or gemstones. If you’re interested in a minimalist ring that offers a bit more shimmer than a solitaire, discover these thoughtfully accented styles. 

Understated Diamond Details 

Delicate rose gold diamond accents can add shimmer to a minimalist design without taking away from its sleekness. 

Hidden diamonds offer extra glimmer for the wearer, yet allow a ring to look like a standard solitaire when viewed from a distance. 

Traditional diamond styles, like diamond bands and three stone ring settings, can have a minimalist look depending on their design details. Pavé bands with well-matched, evenly sized accent diamonds can look quite minimal. Three-stone engagement rings can have an understated look when their side stones are smaller diamonds with lower carat weights. 

Wedding Bands as Engagement Rings 

It’s becoming more and more common for people to wear band-style rings as engagement rings. Band-style rings, like wedding rings and eternity bands, tend to be quite comfortable for everyday wear. They’re more low-profile and stackable than most engagement rings, so they’re easy to wear alongside other fine jewelry styles and are less likely to snag clothing. They also tend to be more minimalist compared to engagement rings, so this trend can be appealing to those who prefer simple designs. 

18 Karat White Gold Diamond Wedding Band – Gabriel & Co Collection

Thanks to their sleek look and smooth surface, channel set wedding rings and stacking rings are an excellent minimalist option. 

Bands with inset stones are also a beautiful and practical choice for those with an eye for minimalism.

Cluster Rings 

Cluster rings are an excellent ring style for couples who are shopping for an engagement ring on a budget. This style of the ring features a cluster of smaller stones instead of one large, high carat weight center stone, so it’s often a much more affordable choice. 

Not all cluster rings are minimalist in style, but many are. For the most minimalistic effect, look for cluster rings that don’t have accents outside of their center cluster of stones. 

Final Thoughts 

Minimalist engagement rings may be simple, but there are so many ways they can be stunning. If you need assistance with finding your perfect minimalist design, reach out to us at Bridal Rings. Our expert jewelers would love to help you find (or create) your dream minimalist ring.