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How to Announce your Engagement on Social Media

So, you just said “yes” to your new fiancé. The first thing to do is bask in the moment with your partner. For the moment, you’re the only two people in the world who know about your new bond— enjoy this special time together. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll tell your family and other close loved ones and share the moment with them. Finally, it’ll be time to let everyone else know about your engagement.

In the past, couples have announced their engagements in newspapers, through letters, or simply by word of mouth. You could certainly still use these methods today, but most couples now choose do to so the modern way: on social media.

 So, what are the steps to announcing your engagement on social media? First, you’ll decide on a picture to use, then you’ll create a caption, and lastly you’ll decide where you’d like to post. But what kind of picture should you take? There are three popular options that can be customized to you.

As A Couple


The “As A Couple” picture is a lovely way to announce your upcoming union. This is a photo of you and your fiancé, with your left hand held up. This picture of you, your partner, and your engagement ring clearly displays your engagement, and the happy look on your faces will show your excitement.

The Ring Shot


The “Ring Shot” is a point-of-view picture of your left hand and new engagement ring. Make sure to consider the background of this picture. You might want to have the engagement spot scenery in the background or something specific that’s personal to you as a couple.

The Moment


For a “The Moment” picture, you’ll have to have a picture of the proposal. You might already have one if your partner is the type who made sure he had someone sneakily photographing from afar. But, if not, you can recreate your engagement and simply take a photo at the scene. Using this picture option can help share your engagement story with all your friends.

After you’ve picked your picture, it’s time to caption it. Some people choose to tell the story of themselves as a couple or the story of the proposal itself. You can take this time to caption your photo however you like, or simply let the picture speak for itself. Let your personality shine through!

 After you’ve got your photo and caption ready to go, it’s time to post. Pick which social media platforms you’ll be posting to and hit send. If you’re posting to multiple sites, it’s a good idea to cross post to them at the same time so everyone can get the good news at once. After that, the only thing left to do is enjoy having shared the exciting news of your engagement with all your loved ones.