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How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

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The most important decision a couple will make is choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring. Aside from spending months planning the most heartwarming proposal, beautiful reception and wedding ceremony; purchasing a personalized diamond engagement ring is a memory worth sharing together. Such a memorable event requires much attention, especially when the cost is significant, allocating time to research will be an extremely rewarding effort. This also holds true in the case that you are interested in remounting and personalizing an already existing diamond ring.

Here are some tips to help you navigate your way around your research and specialty diamond ring companies:

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bridal-rings-11-22pt1STEP1 – Research Information Online: Access to information and support on diamond rings can be easily found on the web through search engines like google. Begin your search by seeking an understanding of what a brilliant diamond is composed of, learn about the 4C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat-weight. When it comes to color, diamonds are measured on scale from colorless to yellow. Keep in mind most diamonds consist of a slightly yellow tint. In regards to clarity, diamonds are often composed of very minute internal or external characteristics, respectively addressed as inclusions or blemishes. With Cut, diamonds are assessed as excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor by the quality of their proportions. Cut or size is very important as it is the way to maximize that brilliant diamond sparkle. Carat-weight is simply the weight of the diamond measured in carats. Per carat, there are 100 points, therefore a 1.15 carat diamond weighs one carat and 15 points. The purpose of research is to have a learned understanding of what you’re interested in purchasing and to formulate any questions you may have for the designer or company.

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STEP 2 – Establish a Budget: Know your financial position. Set yourself up with a rough estimate of how much you can afford to spend on the engagement ring and shop smart with that budget in mind. This may change after speaking to your dealer. However, it is good to know approximately what your pocket is prepared to finance. Typically, men are more concerned about the diamond, whereas the attention of women in the style of the mounting. If budget is inflexible consider this alternative and do not settle for just any mounting or diamond ring! Couples may want to focus on the mounting of their dreams and later purchase the diamond of their heart’s desire, by obtaining a synthetic stone until finances permit. You can have it all!

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STEP 3 – Visit Jewelry Stores: Instead of scanning photos on different dealer sites wooed by online deals and images, it is highly recommended that couples visit multiple jewelers in search of the perfect diamond just as you would search for the perfect family doctor. A diamond dealer is a specialist in their field you want to be sure they are trustworthy, dependable, and comfortable to work with. This valued service is not only important concerning dealer companies but also pertains to the designers within the company. We recommend couples to keep their opportunities open as they search for the best suiting designer and prices for their precious diamond engagement ring. The benefits of visiting multiple dealers is the entire physical experience and interaction. By visiting a dealer, you may also find alternative solutions to help finance your dream engagement ring. Bridal Rings Company serves to uphold every customer who walks in with a special VIP personalized service, assisting with easy navigation through the diamond ring purchase process with confidence and care. Offering many custom design services, knowledgeable staff, and step by step guidance to the diamond engagement ring your heart desires.

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Further a diamond ring can easily become a “blind item,” one that is hard to understand the proper value of. Therefore, choose a company and designer you have complete confidence in, the 5th C used for crediting diamond purchases. A company that supports your best interest respects your financial pocket, and serves to be transparent in educating and assisting you is a dealer you can trust and have complete confidence in. Come to Bridal Rings Company to find just that.