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Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

It’s a tradition to give your bridesmaids gifts to thank them for supporting you on (and leading up to) your special day. And perhaps the most popular type of gift to give your bridesmaids is jewelry. Gifting your bridesmaids jewelry is a lovely way to show them just how much you appreciate them. Jewelry is beautiful and something they can enjoy wearing for a lifetime. But what kind of jewelry should you gift your bridesmaids? In this post, we’re highlighting our favorite gifts for your bridesmaids.

Each piece of jewelry on this list would work well as a group bridesmaid gift (meaning, you can get each bridesmaid the same piece of jewelry so everyone can match). However, know that if you’d like to match each bridesmaid’s gift with her unique style, you can always choose a different piece of jewelry for each of your bridesmaids. Also, while this list of jewelry options is primarily geared toward bridesmaids, the jewelry on this list would make a perfect gift for any member of your bridal party. All of these bridal party gift ideas would be a lovely, thoughtful choice of gift for your maid of honor, the mother of the bride, or the flower girl!

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Lulal Necklace


A diamond pendant necklace is a can’t-go-wrong bridesmaid gift idea. Diamond pendants are classic, gorgeous, and so easy to wear, as they go with virtually any outfit.

The Lulal Necklace, pictured above, is a diamond pendant that packs major impact, yet has a very reasonable price tag. From afar, the pendant on the Lulal Necklace looks like a half-carat round brilliant diamond. Yet, this effect is achieved through the patented Coronet setting, in which seven smaller diamond gemstones are arranged to look like one larger diamond. Then, adding even more glamour, this group of diamonds is surrounded by a halo setting. This necklace is chic, timeless, and something every bridesmaid would adore.


Inanna Necklace

The Inanna Necklace takes the idea of a friendship necklace to a whole new level. In this elevated version of a classic heart necklace, arching lines of polished 14k white gold create a unique, modern interlocking heart design. At the center of these hearts lies a shimmering ring of diamonds. This diamond centerpiece features seven beautiful white diamonds that are arranged in the patented Coronet solitaire setting.

In general, we love Coronet settings for bridesmaid gifts, as they are a way to gift a member of your bridal party a necklace, bracelet, pair of drop earrings, pair of hoop earrings, or pair of stud earrings that is luxe and glam, yet doesn’t break the bank.
Hearts are a symbol of love and this beautiful heart necklace will remind your bridesmaids of the love you have for each other each time they wear it. Or, of course, it will do the same for your maid of honor, your flower girl, the mother of the bride, or any other treasured member of your wedding party.


Nabu Ring

The Nabu Ring is a thank you gift your bridesmaids will cherish for a lifetime. This ring features 0.20 total carats of round brilliant cut diamonds, which are arranged in the patented Coronet solitaire setting. The diamonds used in this ring are of excellent quality, as they’re near colorless and VS/SI clarity. In this design, the coronet solitaire setting rests atop a sleek 14k white gold setting, which has a reversed tapered detailing.


Michael M Fashion Ring

This fashion ring makes a major statement. This ring, which is from designer Michael M, is a boldly beautiful modern-style ring that will turn heads. At the top of this ring lies a 14k yellow gold rectangle that has been set with over two dozen breathtaking round brilliant diamonds.


Michael M Bracelet

This Michael M bracelet is minimalistic, wearable, and subtly glamorous. This 18k white gold bangle-style bracelet is a sophisticated alternative to another classic bridesmaid gift idea, the sterling silver monogram charm bracelet. Along this slim, cool-toned bangle lies a contemporary shape, which has been set with white diamonds. This dainty bridesmaid bracelet is simple enough that it can be worn anywhere, yet chic enough to elevate any look. It also looks beautiful on its own but is right at home when worn as a part of a fun bracelet stack.


When Should You Give Bridesmaid Gifts?

There you have it: our list of our favorite jewelry to gift your bridesmaids! To close this post, we wanted to answer a commonly asked question: when should you give bridesmaid gifts? Is there a right time?

There’s no right time to give your bridesmaids their gifts but know that, generally, people hand out bridesmaids gifts close to their wedding date. Commonly, brides give out bridesmaid gifts at their rehearsal dinner or on the day of their wedding (often, while everyone’s getting ready together). Another idea is to have a fun brunch or dinner in the week leading up to the wedding where you spend a little time with your bridal party and then give them their gifts. Also, though it’s more unconventional, some brides give out their gifts much earlier. Some brides pass out their bridesmaid gift boxes at their bachelorette party, their bridal shower, or even when they first ask their bridesmaids, “will you be my bridesmaid?”

The best time to give out bridesmaid gifts can depend on what you’re gifting them and how full your wedding schedule is. For example, many brides give bridesmaid jewelry gifts on the day of the wedding as everyone’s getting ready so their photographer can snap pictures of everyone wearing their jewelry in their bridesmaid dresses. On the other hand, brides that have a packed wedding day schedule sometimes prefer to give out their wedding party’s gifts on a separate occasion. Sometimes, having one less thing to think about on your wedding day is the best choice for you. So know that there’s no right time to give a bridesmaid gift, only the time that’s best for you.