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November Favorites: Split Shank Engagement Rings

The split shank engagement ring design is a clever spin-off from the double shank. As opposed to having two straight bands of diamond arrangements, the split shank features an eminent gap between the bands that eventually coincides with the base of the ring. This style sets the stage for the center stone to have most of the spotlight. Split shanks are also known for their versatility and ability to be personalized, which makes it a popular engagement ring style. Although this is a fairly new trend, many vintage-inspired rings take on this distinctive style. Examples of the many different split shank engagement rings are highlighted below.

bridal-rings-11-11pt118K White Gold Split Shank Engagement Ring

Achieve more sparkle with this radiant-cut diamond encrusted halo ring by Gabriel & Co. The classic choice of white gold is anything but ordinary. The subtle diamond pave band, coupled with the split shank setting gives off a top level of sophistication. It is truly enjoyable at every angle, as the details are limitless.

bridal-rings-11-11pt218K White Gold Split Shank Wedding Ring

Solitaire Engagement Rings are amongst the most sought after center stone designs. Pairing it off with the exquisite twist split shank in this Gabriel & Co. ring can easily set it apart any outfit from the usual ensemble. An illusion is given off by the fading gap of the band, seeming as if it were doubled the size.

bridal-rings-11-11pt318K Yellow & White Gold Halo Engagement Ring

Add a little pop with this engagement ring with its innovative play with colors. Mixing the iridescent shine of the yellow diamond and majestic sheen of white gold, the two colors blend effortlessly together creating this beautiful design. The emerald-cut center stone is what sets the tone of the ring. The decorative halo and split shank setting will surely turn heads when sporting this signature Gabriel & Co look.

bridal-rings-11-11pt418K White Gold Wedding Ring with 4 Diamonds

Those seeking a big and bold look will find comfort with this Gabriel & Co. ring. The two shanks undeniably create a larger surface for the center stone. Not only does the ring appear larger in size, but it also seems far more complex and sophisticated with the split shank.

bridal-rings-11-11pt518K White Gold Wedding Ring with 60 Diamonds

An ingenious swirl band shows off the endless possibilities of a split shank. Exemplifying such is the above a unique solitaire ring, which is a far stretch from the conventional engagement ring. A brilliant side stone count of diamonds intertwine elegantly to a cushion-shaped center stone.