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The Most Romantic Holiday Proposal Ideas

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! So it’s no surprise that the holidays are one of the most popular times to propose. Thinking of popping the question this holiday season? Read on to see our list of the most romantic holiday proposal ideas, full of ideas that take advantage of the magic of the season.

1. Say it With Snow

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If you live in an area where it snows, try incorporating the winter wonderland that surrounds you into your marriage proposal! Write your proposal message in big letters in the snow by carving it out with a shovel or by strategically placing flowers or rose petals in a snowy bank (poinsettias and red roses are out top flower recommendations). You can choose a secluded snowy spot in nature, write your message in your backyard, or pick an outdoor proposal spot with special meaning to you as a couple (like outside your first date location).

Note: If you like this idea but live in a warm coastal area where it doesn’t snow, you can adapt this idea by writing your proposal message in the sand for a beach proposal.

2. Propose at a Christmas Tree Farm

Proposals that incorporate a Christmas tree are a classic (and romantic!) option. But to take this traditional wedding proposal idea to the next level, consider proposing at a Christmas tree farm. Coordinate with a Christmas tree farm and ask them to let you come deck out a tree in advance of your visit with your proposal message. You can pick out the perfect tree, adorn it with whatever decorations you want, then have the tree farm company watch over it for a few hours. Then, get your partner to come along to “pick out this year’s tree” and get down on one knee when you arrive at your decked out tree!

3. Try a 12 Days of Christmas (or 8 Days of Hanukkah) Twist

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Giving a gift for all 12 days of Christmas (the 11 days leading up to Christmas) is always a sweet choice your partner is sure to appreciate. But if your final gift is an engagement ring, this year’s 12 days of Christmas is something they’re sure to never forget! For your gifts that lead up to the engagement ring, you can go one of two ways. You can either gift your sweetheart some of their favorite things (like their favorite candle, their favorite candies, a romantic getaway to their favorite place, etc.) or go super sentimental with gifts that commemorate special moments in your relationship (like heartfelt letters, framed pictures of special memories, etc.).

Also, note that this marriage proposal idea works equally as well for the days leading up to Hanukkah. So if you celebrate Hanukkah rather than Christmas, go with 7 special gifts, then surprise your loved one with the most special gift of all on day 8: their engagement ring box.

4. Say it in Lights

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Writing your proposal message in lights is one of the most photogenic proposal ideas on this list. Using Christmas lights, fairy lights, or candles, write your proposal message in lights. You can set up your romantic display at home for a home proposal, on a restaurant rooftop if your sweetheart is a foodie, or at a spot that has special meaning to you as a couple if you’re looking for a super sentimental option. This marriage proposal idea does take a bit of coordinating, since you’ll need to set up your display without your partner noticing, then surprise them with the romantic scene. But it will all be well worth it when you surprise your sweetheart with your glimmering proposal message— and get some pretty amazing engagement photoshoot pics after they say “yes!”

5. Trim a Christmas Tree With Mementos

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This romantic and creative proposal idea is another fun way you can elevate the classic Christmas tree proposal. It’s a common Christmas proposal idea to put a “will you marry me” message on your Christmas tree (or to simply hang your engagement ring in your tree using a pretty ribbon). But if you want to knock your partner’s socks off with the romantic sentiment, consider also adorning your tree with meaningful trinkets and notes. You can decorate ornaments with paint pens and draw things that symbolize happy memories of your time as a couple, write special dates on ornaments, put pictures in frame ornaments, hang scrolled up handwritten notes as ornaments, and much more. Taking the time to fully personalize your tree with meaningful mementos will take a Christmas tree proposal to a whole other level that will truly wow your partner! All together, these sweet keepsakes will add up to a grand gesture that will create an incredibly romantic proposal story.

6. New Year’s Countdown Surprise Proposal

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If you and your partner are planning to attend a New Year’s Eve party this year (or are throwing one), you’ve got the perfect opportunity to dazzle them with an incredibly memorable and unique proposal. This surprise proposal idea requires getting your friends at the party in on your plan. Let your friends know that you’ll be proposing at the moment the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Then, as everyone counts down before the new year, have them stop and get silent right before “3, 2, 1!” In the final seconds of the year, get down on one knee and pop the big question. After you get the “yes!”, the room will cheer and you can ring in the new year by celebrating your engagement with your new fiancé surrounded by your family members and friends.