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What Ring Does She Want?

If you have got to the stage in your relationship where you think it is time to propose to your partner, firstly, let us send our congratulations! Getting to the point where you want nothing more than to spend the rest of your life with one person is an amazing feeling that brings with it a whole host of exciting opportunities and feelings, but can also bring an equally full complement of worries and anxieties!

One major factor is finding the perfect ring with which to pop the question! A classic diamond engagement ring is something that has stood the test of time, a piece of jewelry that holds a deeper meaning than any other, and for these reasons alone it can be one of the hardest decisions to make before the proposal.

If you have your heart set on a surprise proposal, finding the ring of her dreams without actually consulting her can be a tough thing to do, but not impossible. You might think that one diamond ring looks exactly the same as the next, but once you start doing your homework about engagement ring styles, carat sizes, diamond shapes, general ring design, and, of course, taking into consideration your partner’s personal style (after all, she will be wearing it for the rest of her life!), the prospect of engagement ring shopping can become rather daunting.

We are here to help! With all of the above in mind, we have put together a list of tried and tested tips that will help you to find the dream engagement ring. The bottom line is that you can’t afford to make a mistake if you want to arrive at the big day full of confidence that you have made the right choice not only with your future partner but with the ring too!

Here are some things to pay attention to in order to find the type of ring that is perfect for you and your future fiancé.

Consider Her Personal Style

The number one thing to consider is the personal style of your partner. This is a ring that she is hopefully going to wear for the rest of her life, so you need to make sure that you pay more attention to what you think she is going to like rather than the rings that the jeweler is trying to press you into buying. No jeweler can know your partner anywhere near how you know her so the seller’s choice will be purely based on what you tell them or their own particular favorites.

It is important to pick an engagement ring style that is going to fit in with the rest of her jewelry collection because although you want the ring to stand out in a really special and unique way, you still want to make sure that she is going to enjoy wearing it alongside all of her other items.

First off, understand which color of precious metal she prefers. This is the first step and will be the jumping-off point for all other considerations. Take a quick peek when she isn’t looking, do you see a lot of white gold, yellow gold, or rose metal? If she clearly favors one gold color over others, it is the signpost for your ring design.

Find Inspiration On The Internet

If you have absolutely no idea about the world of jewelry (don’t worry, you are not alone), then one of your best resources is the internet.

Jewelry retailers from world-famous brands like Tiffany’s, Harry Winston and Cartier to local artisanal craftspeople have websites showcasing their wonderful array of engagement rings in every style from antique and vintage to ultra-modern.

Also, any type of social media platform is excellent for browsing the recent trends and seeing what the influencers and rich and famous are wearing on their ring fingers.

Alongside the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, a platform that can also be of huge help when trying to find the perfect ring is a Pinterest account. Pinterest is a website that enables you to create different types of vision boards in order to curate a certain style or aesthetic. (Sidenote: I’m sure your partner has their dream Pinterest board created already!)

Or you can create your own Pinterest board and start collecting pictures of different gemstones, engagement ring settings, wedding rings, etc. that you like the look of, and eventually, you will start to see a pattern emerging that can point you in the right direction. Having a visual guide like this can be incredibly helpful.

Involve Her Close Family And Friends

There is a strong chance that your partner’s best friends and close family members are going to know more details of her jewelry and beauty preferences than you, so take advantage of all this inside knowledge by involving them in the ring-choosing process.

Don’t underestimate how invaluable this knowledge could be. Many women discuss their dream wedding with their BFF or sibling and there might be a hint or two about her perfect engagement ring.

If you come across a dilemma, such as finalizing a choice between two options and you aren’t quite sure which way to go, then have no hesitation in asking a friend or family member what they think and what they feel would make your partner happier.

This can be tricky if you want to keep your proposal completely under wraps, so make sure that you choose people who know how to keep a secret and won’t let anything important slip!

Make Sure You Get The Basics Correct

When at the jewelers browsing the collections and making a final decision, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by making sure that you have all of the basic details on hand.

By basic details, we are talking about things like ring size. No future bride will complain about resizing though if you present the perfect ring.

Getting the size right can be trickier if you want the proposal to be a surprise, but you can be sneaky and find out behind her back by keeping an eye on the jewelry that she wears on her ring finger, and then either measuring that at home or taking it to the jewelry store with you when you go to buy the ring.

If You Are Completely Lost, Just Ask Her!

When all is said and done, the one person who truly knows what kind of engagement ring your partner wants is your partner!

Nearly everybody has the idea of a marriage proposal being a wonderful surprise, but if you are really stuck about the ring choice and want to make sure that you end up with something that is going to be loved and appreciated, then you are going to have to bite the bullet and ask for their input.

You don’t have to frame it in a way that reveals you are on the brink of proposing, but rather start a general discussion about rings, what kind they like best, which kinds of diamonds they prefer, and what colors they can see wearing in the future, etc. Any small bits of information can be vital, so keep your ears open and have your notes app out and ready to record any small hint that you get from your conversations!

Believe us when we say that your partner would rather have an idea of a proposal with a ring she loves, than be surprised out of the blue with something that she doesn’t.

Design A Custom Ring Together

If a surprise proposal is out of the question, and you prefer to tackle your engagement plans as a team, then there is nothing stopping you from designing a custom ring together!

As many jewelers offer a ring design service you can start with your own design and an in-house creative can help bring your vision to life.

When you embark on the design process from the very beginning together, you can determine and customize every single element of the ring. Whether you want colored diamonds or clear diamonds, a solitaire engagement ring or something else, an heirloom design, or something more modern, all options are covered.

In a way, being able to design the engagement ring with your partner as a team makes the piece of jewelry even more special and romantic.

Ring Recommendations

We like to encourage couples to try out our custom ring design service if they want to create something that is completely unique to them, but if you want some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing, then here are a few ring recommendations from our site we regard as some of our most beautiful.