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5 Unique Engagement Rings to Ring in 2019 With

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This year, unique engagement rings have been having a major moment. It’s easy to see their appeal: when you wear a unique engagement ring, you can express your personal style and stand out from the crowd. When it comes to choosing a unique engagement ring, there are many options to choose from— the key is to pick a ring that speaks to you. To help you find the perfect engagement ring, here are five of our favorite unique engagement rings.

1. 18k White and Rose Gold Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring


This engagement ring is as unique as it is elegant. Here, a chic marquise diamond has been set in a gorgeously detailed 18k white and rose gold band. This band features intricately placed french cut pave diamonds, which run along both the top and sides of the mixed metal band. The combination of these design details creates a style that is intricate, sophisticated, and romantic.

2. Vintage Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring


In this design, a uniquely shaped band decked out in diamonds creates a beautiful, vintage-inspired look. Here, a stunning emerald cut diamond rests in an ornately detailed, art-deco-style tapered band. Four lines of gorgeous white diamonds run along the entirety of the ring’s upper shank, creating incredible brilliance.

3. Three Stone Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring


Here, classic design elements create an incredibly glamorous, eye-catching look. This engagement ring features three breathtaking emerald cut diamonds, which are set in chic, glittering halo settings. These halo set diamonds are arranged in a unique tiered three stone setting, which gives a regal look to the design. Additional white diamonds have been channel set along this ring’s white gold band, adding even more sparkle to this icily beautiful engagement ring.

4. 18k Rose Gold Emerald Cut Halo Diamond and A Quality Sapphire Engagement Ring


Numerous unique design details create a stunningly beautiful look in this gorgeous engagement ring. Here, 18k rose gold serves as the backdrop for a dizzying array of diamonds and blue sapphires. At the center of the ring lies a stunning emerald cut white diamond. This diamond is surrounded by a diamond halo and flanked by two A quality blue sapphires. Along the sides of the blue sapphire settings lie additional white diamonds. Completing this beautifully ornate design are swirling, delicate hand engravings, which rest along the ring’s cathedral style shank. Together, these design elements create a vintage-inspired look that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

5. Marigold Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


This yellow and white diamond engagement ring is glamorous and beautifully detailed. In this design, a stunning yellow round diamond has been enclosed in a unique double pave diamond halo. The inner halo is crafted from yellow gold, which elongates the gorgeous hue of the center diamond and creates a distinctive mixed metal look. Additional pave diamonds rest on this ring’s spit shank band and raised upper shank, adding even more gorgeous detail and shimmer to this piece.