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Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire Engagement Rings in Los Angeles

With classic elegance, solitaire engagement rings hold a single dazzling center gem. Paired with Bridal Rings Company’s designer settings featuring styles ranging from classic to vintage-inspired, our collection of solitaire engagement rings are made to cater to any style, taste, and budget.

Our designers have created a collection that showcases our GIA-certified center diamonds without any distraction, for a classic solitaire that says she is truly “the one.” The most popular style for diamond engagement rings, solitaire diamond rings are traditionally paired with a plain metal band, with a setting set especially low, adding bit more refinement to this sophisticated yet subtle beauty. For a touch of added glamour, consider diamond accents on the band or speak with our experts to find the perfect solitaire engagement ring for you.

The origins of the modern engagement ring date back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with diamond flecks in the shape of an M. For centuries this stood as the traditional way to ask for a loved one’s hand in marriage, until more than 200 years later when the first tiffany-style diamond solitaire ring made its debut on a blushing bride.

The first diamond solitaire ring broke tradition by setting a single beautiful diamond onto a precious metal band. This design featured the center gemstone prominently and allowed for maximum light play and sparkle. Until then ring designs had emphasized intricate settings, so it was a shift to place the attention on a single glittering gemstone. Because a solitaire engagement ring places the center diamond in the spotlight, it is imperative that you choose a gem that balances size, quality, and a shape will that help you achieve the perfect ratio. Although round brilliant shaped diamonds are the most popular choice for solitaire rings, remember that other shapes make beautiful solitaires and may actually offer more value. If your budget is limited, choose a square princess cut diamonds, which have a brilliance similar to that of round cuts. Or choose a less popular cut, such as the emerald and asscher cuts, which have less sparkle, but instead highlight a diamond’s clarity. For help selecting your perfect gem and solitaire setting, speak with one of our jewelry experts.

Your significant other may prefer a specific color of precious metal such as yellow or rose, or a specific type of metal like gold, platinum, or palladium. Does she prefer silvery colors or gold hues? For guidance, speak with one of our professionals. Now that you know what it takes to give your bride to be the perfect handcrafted GIA-certified diamond engagement ring, allow us to make your special day even better. Contact the experts at Bridal Rings Company and let us turn your vision into reality.