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Four Double Halo Engagement Rings That Will Make You Sparkle

Double halo engagement rings offer twice the sparkle and twice the impact of traditional halo engagement rings. For the bride-to-be who loves a bit of glamour, there’s no better choice than a double halo setting. In this post, we’re taking a closer look at the dazzling double halo engagement ring! We’ll talk about the definition of this stunning setting and highlight some of our favorite breathtaking double halo engagement rings.

What is a Double Halo Engagement Ring?

A double halo engagement ring is a variation of the standard halo setting. In a standard halo setting, your center diamond or gemstone is surrounded by a single ring of diamonds or gemstones. This ring of dazzling gems is affixed to the center stone’s setting, so the halo setting is both decorative and functional.

A standard halo setting features one ring of diamonds or gemstones. But the double halo setting doubles the drama with two halos of diamonds or gemstones. Commonly, double halo settings feature two identical halos (with one simply being larger than the other, surrounding it). However, you’ll also find double halo settings that feature halos set with different sizes, shapes, or varieties of gemstones.

Halo settings are loved by many because they can drastically up the brilliance and visual impact of a center diamond or gemstone. In particular, diamond halo settings are incredibly popular for diamond engagement rings. A diamond halo creates a visual illusion around a center diamond. It elongates the shape of the center stone, giving the impression that it is much larger than it actually is. It also adds dazzling brilliance, as each diamond on the halo adds its own shimmer to the center diamond.

All diamond halos add brilliance and visual impact to a diamond engagement ring. But double diamond halos add twice as much sparkle and size to a center diamond, which makes them perfect for those who want their engagement ring to really make a statement.

Double Halo Engagement Rings

Now, let’s talk a look at some examples of gorgeous double halo engagement rings!

18k White Gold Round Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This double halo engagement ring is classic, chic, and extraordinarily glamorous. In this design, a round brilliant white diamond is surrounded by two shimmering white diamond halos. The interior halo is made of smaller diamonds, which allows it to look seamless alongside the center diamond. Then, the exterior halo features larger diamonds, which dramatically amps up the impact of this engagement ring.

This ring features white diamonds along its band, which makes the ring look incredibly brilliant from every angle. The band also features an interior line of white diamonds along the top of the band, beautifully echoing the design of the double halo setting. This ring’s setting is crafted from bright white 18k white gold, which enhances the overall icy look of this stunning engagement ring.

18k White and Rose Gold Round Double Diamond Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This double halo engagement ring offers some striking, unique design details. Here, a round brilliant white diamond is surrounded by two squared halos set with beautifully matched white diamonds. Along the ring’s split shank band, more pave diamonds add to the brilliance of the piece.

This ring also features some hidden design details that add warmth, romance, and sparkle to the ring. When viewed from above, this ring appears to be crafted from white gold. Yet, when you view this ring from the side or at an angle, you’ll see that there is a hidden line of blush pink rose gold. This rose gold accent line has a romantic, curling pattern and is set with brilliant pave diamonds. From the side, you’ll also see that this ring’s halo setting is supported by diamond set petals crafted from white gold, which adds another romantic, whimsical touch to this engagement ring.

Avril Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The Avril double halo engagement ring has beautiful mixed metal detailing that gives this ring an eye-catching look. In this design, a cushion cut white diamond is surrounded by two cushion shaped halos that elongate the soft look of the center diamond. These diamond set halos are crafted from luxe 18k yellow gold, which beautifully contrasts with the bright white look of this ring’s many diamonds. Yellow gold is used only in this ring’s halo, while the rest of the piece is crafted from white gold and platinum. This allows the yellow gold halo setting to stand out, enhancing its unique style.

18k White Gold Round Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Last up, we have this ultra-glamorous, yet incredibly romantic, double halo engagement ring. This engagement ring features a unique double halo that gives it a floral-inspired look. In this design, a round white diamond is enclosed in a smaller halo set with pave diamonds. Then, this inner halo is surrounded by a beautifully detailed halo set with larger white diamonds. This second halo follows the curves of its enclosed white diamonds, giving the impression of a blooming diamond flower. More floral details are used underneath this engagement ring’s raised setting, enhancing the romantic look of this lovely engagement ring.

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