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How to Build a Wedding Band Stack 

Wedding ring stacking is a jewelry styling trend that allows you to infuse your bridal stack with personal style. Traditional wedding ring stacks contain just a wedding band and engagement ring, but the ring stacking trend invites you to play around with wearing other rings alongside them. 

Wedding ring stacks allow you to experiment with your style–but how do you create a wedding ring stack you love? Find out with this guide to building your perfect ring stack. 

Assess Your Rings   

First, we assess your current wedding rings so you understand your styling options. You can create many different wedding ring stacks, but all of them will be based around your engagement ring or your wedding band, or both as a set. You want to understand how they’ll fit with other rings, both stylistically and physically in the stack. 

Look at your rings and consider their shape, metal color, stone color, finish, style, and design details. The shape of your rings is particularly important, as that affects whether they’ll easily sit flush with straight bands. If you have a curved band or a protruding center stone, you would need to pair them with a custom made curved or contoured band to create a flush look. 

To Match or Not To Match?

Before you start styling your rings, think about what you want when it comes to matching. Ring stacks can match perfectly or have a huge amount of variety. What do you want for your ring stack? Do you want a perfect match, an eclectic look, or something in between?

If you’re not sure where you fall within this style spectrum, search for inspiration. Save images of ring stacks you like. Then, take a look at the stacks you saved. Do the rings in the stacks match or do they contain many unexpected pairings? Or, do they mostly match, but have a bit of variety? 

Once you recognize what you’re drawn to, it will be much easier to create a ring stack with the right balance for you. 

Build Around a Focal Point 

A great way to create a balanced ring stack is to pick a single focal point. For a wedding stack, this will usually be an engagement ring, but it can be any statement ring you want to incorporate. 

Your statement ring will be the star of your ring stack, so pair it with rings that accent, but don’t compete with it. Try accenting your statement piece with delicate rings or a minimalist chunky band, adding rings one at a time. 

Style One Finger at a Time

It’s usually easier to create a well-curated stack when you style one finger at a time. We recommend starting by styling your ring finger by adding accent bands to your wedding rings. Then, branch out to styling other fingers with individual bands or a set of stackable rings. 

In general, people tend to prefer layered ring looks that have a main focal point, which would typically be the stack on the ring finger. To keep the focus on your ring finger, use more understated rings on other fingers. If you want to play around with having multiple focal points, you can accent with bolder rings as well.

Fine Tune Design Elements 

Say you’re trying to create a ring stack, but you don’t like any of the pairings you try out. What should you do? Usually, this happens when rings either don’t share the right amount of design elements or compete with each other too much. 

The first potential issue is that your rings don’t share the right amount of design elements for your taste. Look at your rings and think about what they have in common. Do they share the same metal color, stone color, design style, finish, shapes, and details? If you feel like your rings don’t match enough, try using rings that have more design details in common. If you feel your rings look too matchy-matchy, add in a ring with a different color, shape, style, or finish.

The other potential issue happens when your rings have a similar amount of visual impact, causing them to compete for attention. People tend to prefer ring stacks with a main focal point that guides the eye. You look at the main focal point first, then the other pieces. This feels more balanced and harmonious than a stack with competing focal points.

Numerous elements can draw the eye, including sparkle, size, and color. Take a look at your stack and think about whether your pieces are too similar in impact. If your pieces are all similarly bold, consider swapping some out for more understated pieces. If your pieces are all similarly understated, try adding in a statement piece that offers a pop of color or eye-catching sparkle. 

Make It Personal 


One of the best things about wedding ring stacking is that it allows you to infuse more meaning into your jewelry. Your wedding rings symbolize two major life milestones, but they’re not the only rings that can carry important symbolism. A family heirloom can represent treasured familial bonds, an anniversary gift can symbolize enduring love, a souvenir can remind you of a meaningful trip, and so on. Each piece in your collection of rings offers an opportunity to create something that’s not just beautiful, but also meaningful. 


Our final tip is to enjoy experimenting as you build different ring stacks. Play around with stacking rings for both everyday wear and special occasions, and try out a wide range of combinations. Have fun and think creatively, and enjoy finding new ways to express yourself through your jewelry.

Final Thoughts 

We hope this guide to wedding ring stacking has been helpful as you experiment with creating your perfect stack. If you’re looking for more rings to add to your stack, browse our wedding band collection or contact us for a personalized recommendation.