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Proposal Do’s and Don’ts


Most people who are planning to propose to their partner get nervous about popping the question, and understandably so. Not only is it something that will change the course of your life, but there’s also immense pressure to make it a memorable and special moment. Never fear, we’ve got some tips to help alleviate proposal stress and ensure your proposal runs smoothly.

First, let’s quickly run through some big mistakes you’ll want to avoid.


Propose without a ring

Don’t come empty handed to a proposal. If, at the time it feels right to propose, you are under budget constraints, don’t have no ring at all. This shows a lack of thought and care. If you can’t afford the ring you want to get for your partner right now, you can always get a less expensive ring for the proposal and upgrade it later.

Forget to ask her father for his blessing if she’s from a more conservative or traditional family

This step is not important to every bride in today’s modern world, but it’s very important to some. Hopefully, if you are at the point of proposing, you will know whether or not your partner would want this. Make sure to not skip this step if it’s something that would be important to your partner.

Give a half-hearted proposal

You should never half-way propose to someone. Don’t ask someone for their hand in marriage if you haven’t given it serious thought. Don’t propose by saying any variation of “we could get married if you want to…” or, “I guess we could get married.” If you are not ready for marriage, simply do not propose.

Now, onto some tips to help your proposal go perfectly.


Pick a place

You’ll want to pick a location for your proposal carefully. You might want to do it in the great outdoors, in your home, at the restaurant where you had your first date with your partner, or so many other places- there are endless options. Wherever you decide upon, make sure it’s a place your partner would like. You’ll also want to scope out the location in advance and take care of any preparations that might be necessary. For example, if you’re proposing at a restaurant, you might want to tell the restaurant that this is a proposal dinner when you make your reservation. Or, if you’re planning on proposing somewhere outside, scope the spot out on a similar day and time to your planned proposal date so you’ll know what to expect.

Make your speech personal

Make sure that, during your proposal speech, you emphasize what you love about your partner and why you want to spend your life with them. You should keep it simple, to the point, and all about the two of you.

Keep it private, at least at first

A proposal is a special moment between two people. It should be about you and your partner. Most women will want privacy for the actual proposal. If you are dating a social butterfly who would want to celebrate with friends and family, consider planning to have her friends and family meet you after the proposal. But don’t dampen the romance of the actual proposal by having a crowd there when you propose.

Consider asking her friends or family for advice

If you want proposal ideas or want to ask for opinions on what you’re already planning, it’s a great idea to ask those closest to your loved one what they think. They’ll know her well and will be able to help you make your proposal special for your partner.

Plan ahead

The number one thing that will calm your nerves about a proposal is planning it well in advance. Keep the tips listed above in mind and get your plan in place. When you’ve worked out all the details in advance, you’ll be able to spend your proposal day focused on the most important thing of all: your partner.