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Subtle Ways to Drop Valentine’s Day Hints

Some men have trouble picking out Valentine’s Day gifts. There can be a lot of pressure for him to choose the right thing and he may have no clue what you would want, so why not help him out by dropping some subtle hints? In this post, we’ve gathered together all our top Valentine’s Day hint ideas, which range from very subtle to a bit more straightforward. You know your partner best (and you probably know what level of hint he needs), so browse our list and choose the hint you think will help him the most.


Remind Him of Past Successes

If your guy has given you a great gift in the past, a simple way to replicate that successful gift is to remind him of it. If he got you a pair of earrings you loved, gush about them to him. Remind him how much you love them and how much you appreciated it when he gave them to you. The same goes for any other kind of gift or outing. Remind him how much you loved that fancy restaurant date, that diamond necklace, etc. This will be a subtle hint for him that you want more of these things.

This is also a great way to steer him away from the kinds of gifts you may not have liked as much. Just put all your focus on what you loved so he focuses on those things too.


Tell Other People What You Want

If he has no idea what to get you for Valentine’s Day, it’s very likely that he might ask your friends or family what you’d want. So, make sure to tell your friends and family what you want so they can tell him for you.


Point Out Things You Like

If you’re out shopping with your sweetheart in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, point out things you like. Talk about how much you love that fancy cupcake place or about how you’d love to try that new restaurant. If you’re in a store, tell him which things you like, like those round diamond earrings or that simple gold necklace. You might be surprised by how much attention he’s paying to what you like.

You can also use this strategy if you’re both relaxing at home. Just show him things you like when you’re browsing on your phone and, hopefully, he’ll get the hint. You can just say things like “doesn’t this restaurant look amazing?” or “isn’t this necklace beautiful?”


Give Him His Gift Early

Give him his gift early to set the standard of what kind of gift he should get you. This strategy is perfect if you and your partner are sometimes mismatched when it comes to giving gifts. It’s also easy to put into practice. Just tell him that you were so excited about Valentine’s Day and giving him his gift that you couldn’t wait! Make sure to do this at least a day or two before Valentine’s Day so he’ll have enough time to get you something different if he feels inspired to after receiving his gift.


Send Him Ideas

This tip is a little more direct but, hey, it works. If you want something specific for Valentine’s Day, try sending him a link to it in a quick email or text. You can also make a Valentine’s Day wishlist and send him that (we have an easy-to-use wishlist function on our site!). Keep your message casual and lighthearted. You can say something like, “if you’re wondering what I might want for Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas!” This is a straightforward hint that every man should read loud and clear so, if you have your heart set on something specific, help him out by letting him know about it.


Pin Your Wishlist on Pinterest

Was that last idea too bold for you? Here’s a more subtle version. If you have a wishlist in mind, create a Pinterest board for Valentine’s Day and fill it with gifts you’d love. Pinterest is the place for pinning things you want or find inspiring, so it’s the perfect place for a subtle wishlist. If he has Pinterest, he’ll probably see your wishlist in his feed. And, if he doesn’t, you can leave your computer open to your wishlist when he’s likely to see it.

And, of course, you can always decide to be a bit more straightforward and send him a link to your Pinterest board (if you’re feeling bold!).


Tell Him Directly

Okay, so this last hint isn’t exactly subtle. But, really, there’s no better way to get what you’re hoping for this Valentine’s Day than to just tell him outright. Especially if your partner isn’t great at picking up hints.

Of course, not everyone will feel comfortable doing this. So, if an open and direct conversation about gifts (and your hopes and expectations for your gift specifically) seems like a bit too much for you, remember that you can always take an easier path. Just scroll back up and choose one of our more subtle ideas instead!